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Donations for Afghan Refugees 1st October 2021

The Afghanistan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme is the UK Government’s new bespoke resettlement route to provide protection for vulnerable people fleeing Afghanistan. The government aims to welcome up to a total of 20,000 refugees “in the long-term”.

As a compassionate city Leeds City Council are already working alongside other councils across the region as part of the current Afghan relocation scheme, coordinated by Migration Yorkshire, and will consider the government’s proposals when further details are announced.

In the wake of the Afghan crisis the community of Leeds have already been responding with offers to donate essential items to support people to resettle, we also recognise local charities/voluntary organisations and groups are being approached with offers of donations.

Thanks to generosity of the people in Leeds, we have already received an unprecedented number of donations in recent weeks, council staff are currently working extremely hard to sort all the donations that have been received so far. To help staff monitor the number of donations and establish which items are most needed, we are now asking that any members of the public who wish to donate items hold onto these for the next couple of weeks, or alternatively donate to local charity shops in their local area. While we await further details to be announced by the government, the council are working to establish a process to coordinate these offers and establish a small number of donation stations across the city. Once this process has been agreed and a list of most needed items has been established, further communication will be released.

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