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Create a community of welcome in your area, take part in a Sanctuary Supper!

After uprooting their lives and fleeing to safety in the UK, many refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds find themselves isolated from the wider community.

Create a community of welcome in your area – Take part in a Sanctuary Supper!

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Get together to break bread, build bridges and forge friendships in your local community!

Sanctuary Suppers are a chance for different people from different walks of life to come together and enjoy a meal. Meals will be hosted and attended in local communities across the city by volunteer participants. Each participant will volunteer to contribute to the Sanctuary Supper in their own way- it could be by providing the cooking skills to prepare the meal, by bringing a dish along, or even just by bringing themselves; there’s a way for everyone to join in!

Leeds City of Sanctuary invite you to join us for the next Sanctuary Supper weekend 14th-16th July

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