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If you support migrant families with school aged children who do not have fixed broadband, please read this

With the schools closed for Lockdown 3.0, migrant families are under greater pressure than ever.

There are a number of schemes to help get kids the equipment and internet access they need to keep learning and stay in touch with their schools. 

This referral form has been co-designed with Leeds City Council colleagues, to ensure all families in need can get their names on all of the schemes in one fell swoop.

Once they have this information, the Council will

  • Check which school the child is at
  • Inform the school of the child’s needs

This is a way of ensuring that no-one is accidentally overlooked by the school – especially if messages to the parents are not as effective as they might be.

Sadly, we cannot tell you how fast the response will be – but the schools will be in touch as soon as they have anything to share.  

One form per child, please. Click here or on the graphic below to make the referral. 




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