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Changes to the Asylum Help Telephone line

As you will know from previous posts, the telephone and web support for Asylum Seekers is changing.

The old Asylum Help telephone number is now obsolete

It has been replaced by the Migrant Help First Response Centre (FRC) – 0808 8010 503 which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The service offered by the first response centre combines the advice and support they previously offered, with issue reporting for asylum seekers receiving Home Office support (ie problems with Accommodation and ASPEN cards) and post decision support for refugees.

There will no longer be dedicated numbers for people wishing to call for specific languages. Callers will need to ask for an interpreter, and Migrant Help will then connect them to a Clearvoice interpreter. This system has been running since April and happily, Migrant Help staff say that they have not experienced any difficulties with it.  

Anyone interested in the AIRE contract might find this link to the Contract interesting. If you download and open the Zip file, you’ll find details of the contract, including the KPIs at Schedule 13.   

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