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Leeds City Council – Homelessness strategy questionnaire

At Leeds Housing Options we are updating our Homelessness Strategy and we really value your views and input; the strategy is being framed around the following themes: Minimising rough sleeping Maximising homelessness prevention Continue to develop supported housing provision Minimising youth homelessness Focus on priority groups The strategy will be launched on 10th of October, […]

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MCP Report. Rights without Remedies: Legal aid and access to justice for children

This report demonstrates the impact of the 2013 legal aid cuts on immigration, family and education law, and provides recommendations to the government to take steps to address this impact. It highlights that alternates to legal aid are not working, and without funding for legal advice, children and young people have been left homeless, without legal […]

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Access and experiences of mental health crisis care services in Leeds by black and minority ethnic communities

via John Halshall at Touchstone Here a short report about the learning and information-sharing event on 11th December about access and experiences of mental health crisis care services in Leeds by black and minority ethnic communities. The event report summarises what participants recorded during the event, arranged by theme: What is working well (pages 2 […]

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Challenging Conversations – The Findings Friday 30 June | 9.45am – 11.45am | Leeds Civic Hall

Voluntary Action Leeds have been working in partnership with six community-based organisations with the aim of better understanding the drivers that may lead young people to commit hate crimes and identify potential solutions to reduce incidents in the future. Please join us to hear more about the findings of this Home Office funded project and […]

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