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Resource of the week #27: Leeds Migration Map

This is a fantastic resource, which mashes up all kinds of different data about immigration and Leeds:- National Insurance data, Housing Data, Census Data etc etc. It brings together historic data and stuff that’s barely a year old – to create the best picture of migration available.   It has huge potential for helping compile evidence […]

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Grant funding update from Voluntary Action Leeds

It’s been a while since we posted something like this (July 17 to be precise), so we thought it was about time we posted it again. Don’t forget, our fifth resource of the week was given over to which we described as “an excellent site, and contains loads and loads of opportunities.” It’s still […]

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Q1 2018 Asylum Stats

via Andrea at Asylum Matters The immigration statistics for the first quarter, January to March, of 2018 (Q1) were released on 24th May 2018. Key asylum figures are below and you can find the data tables here.  Applications:  In Q1 of 2018 there were 6,713 asylum applications, compared to 7,175 in Q4 of 2017. In the […]

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Asylum Matters: Local Elections, “Study Ban,” NHS data sharing with Home office Update

Some highlights from the recent Asylum Matters news;letter. If you’re not already subscribed to this, you really should be: contact Andrea Vukovic for details: [email protected] Local Elections: Talking to Candidates About Refugee & Asylum Issues  Local elections in England are taking place on Thursday 3rdMay 2018. Local authorities are important advocacy targets as they deliver a range […]

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Scholarship available at York St John’s University

A scholarship is available for an asylum seeker to study at York St John University. The scholarship comprises of full tuition fees plus £1000 per year towards the cost of studying with us (eg travel, books, field trips etc). You can find all the information here:

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Resource of the week #12: How to measure your impact on wellbeing

This looks like an interesting resource for measuring your org’s impact on wellbeing: “The What Works Centre for Wellbeing is an independent body developing robust, accessible and useful evidence that governments, businesses, communities and people can use to improve wellbeing across the UK. In this guide we at the Centre have brought together the […]

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Update from the new Migrant Health Board

Background The Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board have created a sub group called the Migrant Health Board. This group will report directly into both the Health and Wellbeing Board and Leeds Strategic Migration Board.   The Migrant Health Board met for the first time on Thursday 22nd February, and was Chaired by Ian Cameron, Director of […]

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Police warn about Home Office Immigration Cold Call Fraud

“Home Office Immigration Cold Call Fraud Alert – The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed that fraudsters are purporting to be from the Home Office and cold-calling victims to claim that there is a problem with their immigration status. Victims are informed that in order to rectify this issue, they […]

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Refugee Council Advocacy Network – call for sign ups

The Refugee Council Advocacy Network are looking for members “The aim of the Advocacy Network is to provide a direct link between the Refugee Council’s Advocacy Team and other individuals and organisations working with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.  The network is based on a principle of information sharing and collective working […]

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