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Corona Virus/ Covid-19

As well as regular service updates, LMP are attempting to gather into one place all the info we have on how the Coronavirus is affecting people and services in Leeds. 

All Blog posts can now be filtered by Coronavirus/C-19  to help you find the info you need quickly. 

The following info is as up to date as we can make it, and we encourage anyone to add anything to these sheets

If you spot anything that’s not quite right, please change it on the google doc

Read the most recent posts from the LMP C19 Google Group below.

To join this group, please click here

We strongly recommend you set up a rule on your inbox to put these posts into a single folder, so you can just scan them quickly once a day. 

Please feel free to ask questions and share ideas and resources – but please do not post unnecessarily to say thank-you as this just clogs up the threads. That said, a bit of whimsy here and there won’t hurt. 
Also – please remember this is a closed group – and anything you think would be for benefit to the wider public should also be posted up on the LMP blog   Do not rely on Jon, Richard or Georgia (or other LMP Admins) to do this for you, because we’ll miss things. 

Be nice, share things, and stay in touch.

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