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Beeston together for peace and unity vigil

Stand United – Don’t Let the Racists Divide Us 

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (5 June) Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira Mosque & Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha Gurdwara in Beeston were deliberately set on fire, just days after the ‘free Tommy Robinson’ march came through Leeds.

We can’t allow the far right to separate our community.

We believe unity in the face of such an attack is essential. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim and Sikh brothers and sisters. We represent the anti-racist majority.

But following the scenes on Friday 1 June, where some 350 racists and fascists marched through Leeds city centre in support of the jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson openly chanting ‘Muslims off our streets’, the threat of a resurgent racist and fascist movement on the streets is ever present which is why we urgently need to mobilise the anti-racist majority to confront this new threat from the far right.

Stand Up To Racism is calling for a vigil to bring together people from all parts of our diverse community in a show of solidarity, peace and unity. Join us this Sunday (10 June) at 2pm Beeston Cross Flats Park and please spread the word and bring everyone you know.


After the racist arson attacks Leeds Stand Up to Racism put out a statement which was picked up by the local press and has gathered signatures steadily since – if you would like to add your name / organisation please email [email protected]

Leeds Stand Up to Racism statement after racist arson attacks in Beeston

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