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AIRE (Advice, Issue Reporting & Eligibility) – a description of the Positive Move On Support offered by Reed in Partnership

Migrant Help have subcontracted their Positive Move On Support for asylum seekers whose claims are accepted by the Home Office to Reed in Partnership (RiP). This service is already “live”

The assistance RiP offer is phone-based, “with face-to-face support for vulnerable people.”

Clients can’t be referred into this service or initiate contact using an external number – people who are eligible for assistance will be referred direct by Migrant Help and RiP will then contact them.

This arrangement suggests it’s Migrant Help who decide who is/not “vulnerable” (and so eligible for face to face support.)   

We’re hopeful that Reed in Partnership may be able to attend the next Ops Meeting of LMP, so they can meet folks from Leeds and work out how we can best collaborate in the best interests of new Refugees 

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