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Afghan Family Reunion – looking for casework or legal support?

A message from PAFRAS’s Family Reunion Caseworker

Family Reunion services at PAFRAS are only for those who hold leave to remain as a Refugee or  Humanitarian Protection.

Re – Afghanistan  situation,  We are  not  able to  assist  if their  families  are  in Afghanistan. If their families are in Afghanistan please advise that they need to evacuate and be outside of  Afghanistan for us to be able to help with family  reunion.

Please  note, we  are  not able  to  help any  Afghan  families  who do not fall under our funding remit (families of British citizens or other visa-holders, who are not recognised as refugees or  granted Humanitarian Protection).

Only families of refugees and those granted Humanitarian Protection can be referred to us for assessment.

Editorial note: if the people you know do not fit this criteria, please refer all remaining Afghan people looking for legal support to the legal outreach by Manuel Bravo/St Vincent’s.

To access this service, please contact St Vincent’s Leeds on 0113 248 4126 or the MB office on 0113 350 8608. Your details will be passed to our Outreach Caseworker who can then arrange for you to be contacted to discuss the matter. All matters, both Immigration and Asylum related, can be dealt with using this service. This service is designed for clients to use directly and any third party callers (for example, fellow third sector asylum organisations) should call the office directly for assistance.

MB say they will triage all the various applications and deal with them via Solicitors at forms offering Legal Aid or via Manuel Bravo.

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