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A number of articles stolen from Asylum Aid’s Women’s newsletter

via Ciaran at Asylum Aid

Asylum Aid research finds solutions to unfair Women’s Asylum Appeals System
Asylum Aid and NatCen have been conducting research, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, which has identified key actions that can be taken to make asylum appeals fairer for women.
Looking at the involvement of judges, legal representatives and women appellants, ‘Through Her Eyes’ makes the case for common sense solutions. You can see an exclusive video covering our initial findings here as well as a discussion on key issues in the asylum appeals process.  The report will be published soon.  
Information is power: what every woman should know before her asylum interview
Women who seek asylum have rights – they can ask for a female interviewer and female interpreter. They can ask for childcare in advance of their interview too. 
‘From Us to You’ is a short video made by our Protection Gap Advocates, a group of women who have sought asylum, to inform women of what they need to know before their interview. This knowledge will help women give their best evidence. Watch it here and tell others! 
Safety4Sisters report exposes harmful realities of vulnerable migrant women
Safety4Sisters published a key report in the Migrant Women’s Rights to Safety Pilot Project. This report shines a light on the harsh realities faced by migrant women in the UK and finds that they are bearing the brunt of austerity. 
The report builds a strong case for the need of authorities to prioritise the rights of women to protection and safety before the need for immigration enforcement. You can read the full report here. 


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