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A new identity for Leeds Multi Agency Meeting and the Leeds Migration Partnership

As you may know, the Leeds Multi Agency Meeting and Leeds Migration Partnership are currently working to merge their functions.

There was a presentation about this at the last Migration Partnership, which suggested a single identity with three distinct elements:

  1. an Information Group,
  2. an Operations Group and
  3. a Strategy Group

which is explained in the diagram below

We are now looking for your opinions on how the Leeds Migration Partnership looks/feels on paper and on screen. If you have 2 minutes to answer 3 questions about logos, fonts, and colours, please do so below.

We’ll bring the results of this survey to the next Leeds Migration Partnership on Wednesday 6th September 10:00 – 12:00, along with a new (much shorter) draft terms of reference, and some suggested priorities for 2017/18  

If you find the widget a bit small to see properly, here’s another link  to the survey that will open up in a new page.


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