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Archive | January, 2021

Free Training for beginner level ESOL teachers and volunteers

New to ESOL Teaching Practice? This course is an opportunity for ESOL practitioners and volunteers to work in teaching practice groups with an experienced trainer, to try out practical approaches, techniques and ideas with their learners and to share their insights and experiences. Each teaching practice group of approximately five practitioners will work with an […]

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Feedback from Migrant Help and Customer Feedback Survey -January 21

We are keen to improve the support we provide to service users and would like to encourage feedback from clients. Migrant Help  has produced a feedback survey, to encourage clients to feedback which is anonymous and in 12 different languages. Please see the attached feedback survey information and the  link below, if you can please […]

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If you support migrant families with school aged children who do not have fixed broadband, please read this

With the schools closed for Lockdown 3.0, migrant families are under greater pressure than ever. There are a number of schemes to help get kids the equipment and internet access they need to keep learning and stay in touch with their schools.  This referral form has been co-designed with Leeds City Council colleagues, to ensure […]

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Race, Inequality, and the Legacy of Historical Injustices within Policing – 28th Jan 2021

Following the death of George Floyd in the USA and protests across the world, policing leaders from across the UK committed to further action around issues of diversity and inclusion and addressing concerns about racial inequalities, including the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, in policing and the criminal justice system. West Yorkshire […]

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#CutTheCollaboration – Stop the Home Office building a new immigration enforcement centre

Calling for support!  Anti raids group across the UK have collaborated on a joint action calling for companies profiting from racist borders to #CutTheCollaboration. We’re asking you to help us on Wednesday 13th January with the power of the keyboard. Full event details here: What’s happening? For those who aren’t aware, the Home Office were granted permission […]

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Funding Oppotunity: Leeds Community Foundation

The Leeds Community Foundation have launched a funding programme to cover the cost of community organisations being able to take the time and space to step back from delivery and undertake strategic development work. It gives busy leaders and teams the support and resources to: reflect on their successes and understand what makes them resilient […]

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Leeds Migrant Access Programme Training Programme

Leeds City Council’s Migrant Access Project (MAP) aims to equip people from a range of national, ethnic and/or language backgrounds with skills and knowledge to support new arrivals to Leeds. The team have scheduled training sessions on a variety of subjects throughout January to March 2021 (i.e. writing a funding application, modern slavery and advocacy […]

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