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Archive | December, 2020

Payment in temporary initial accommodations (i.e. hotels) – 30th November 2020

Further information about asylum support payments from Helen Atkinson at the Home Office While longer-term solutions are set up Home Office will make provision for 3 separate 5-week payments in the sum of £40  – to meet the weekly £8 provision per individual being accommodated in full board IA (or contingent) accommodation. 1st scheduled payment:  […]

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LMP Strategy Group Meetings for 2021

The LMP Strategy group meeting dates have been confirmed for 2021 for you to book in your diaries: Wednesday 10th February 2021(10am-12pm) Wednesday 12th May 2021 (10am-12pm) Wednesday 8th September 2021 (10am-12pm) Wednesday 24th November 2021 (10am-12pm) Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all meetings are currently planned to be held virtually. We will share the […]

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Weekly update from Strategic Migration Partnership (Migration Yorkshire) and Home Office 26th November 2020

Numbers of new arrivals into asylum accommodation have reduced slightly recently. Asylum Intake remains steady. Home Office focussed on procurement. The need to source contingency accommodation sites has slowed as a result. Home Office are looking at the new tiered restrictions and how this impacts contract deliverables. Initially, they feel the new restrictions shouldn’t impact […]

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