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2020 Right to Remain Toolkit launched

We’ve covered this a couple of times before, but it’s a new edition with new stuff in it so it’s not strictly speaking a repost

This remains the best self-help guide to the UK asylum system available today. You can access all the content online, free, but if you want a hard copies you need to buy them

In this edition, there’s:

  • a new colour scheme (important)
  • new images (including this diagram of the hearing room)
  • new sections, including “If You Have Children” and “Long Residence”
  • Rewritten and/or redesigned sections, including “Asylum Screening Interview”; “Family Members”; and “Human Rights
  • additions and amendments in response to changes in the legal process and procedures. Some of these are even positive! For example, childcare being provided for asylum substantive interviews in some circumstances, and the new Home Office policy to automatically audio-record the interview
  • improvements based on our constant learning and suggestions from users.

The 2020 Right to Remain Toolkit is here!

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